Gangs of Olympus

The gangs of Olympus consist of several groups of enemies that support a particular god. For example, the WarDogs are followers of Ares, and the Dark Crew backs Hades.

In this section, we will provide an overview of the gangs of Olympus and their different attributes.

WarDogs of Ares

This gang comprises fierce and violent individuals who prioritize strength and power above all else. They are known for their ruthless tactics and willingness to use force to get what they want. They are heavily armed and often engage in turf wars with other gangs.

The WarDogs of Ares use sacred iconography as their identifying feature, including depictions of boars, dogs, torches, vultures, crested helmets, and spears.

You may face any of the following enemies as part of the WarDogs of Ares:

  • WarDog

  • Elite CyberHoplite

  • PanzerBoar

Dark Crew (Hades)

This gang operates in the shadows, on the docks and warehouses, mainly comprising the downtrodden and oppressed. They deal in illegal activities, such as black market trading, hacking, and espionage. They are known for their secrecy and ability to disappear without a trace. Other gangs fear them for their mysterious, unpredictable nature and complete disregard for their lives.

Physically, the Dark Crew consists of robotic-augmented heavy brutes who are sickly looking. These NPCs look like cyber zombies and Olympus’ specialized hazmat crew.

You may face any of the following enemies as part of the Dark Crew:

  • Black Ram

  • Poison Ratling

Jupiter Inc. (Zeus)

This corp comprises powerful and influential individuals who control the city's politics and economy. They are known for their wealth and ability to manipulate the system. They are often involved in white-collar crime and are seen as untouchable by the authorities.

On the outside, Jupiter Inc. members can be either corporate suit and tie characters or heavy cyber grunts and cops with the highest quality gear. Their emblems include lots of lightning, eagles, and the color blue.

Purple Owls (Athena)

Athena’s Purple Owls are composed of rogue engineers, scientists, and programmers. They control the flow of information and the development of new technologies. They are brilliant, innovative, and always looking for ways to improve the world.

The Purple Owls are hackers, eggheads, and scrubs immersed in high-tech fashion. They do most of their work with the help of drones and robots. Their iconography incorporates the color purple, while mixing it with wings, eyes, and owls.

Cypress Hill Gang (Artemis)

Artemis’ Cypress Hill Gang represents the networks that connect people in the cyberpunk world. They are composed of new-age outcasts, activists, and underground journalists. They control the flow of information and distribution of knowledge. They are idealistic, connected, and always looking for ways to make a difference. The Cypress Hill Gang operates from rural areas with a connection to city elites with a rebel streak.

This gang of hippies, new-age spiritualists, and journalists is never seen without hunting knives. Most of their logos and artwork revolve around the emblematic wildfowl and deer they stalk for sustenance, and the antlers they collect after a successful hunt.

Fixer Guild (Metis)

Metis’ Fixer Guild represents intelligence and strategy in the cyberpunk world. They are composed of spies, detectives and other intelligence agents, underground information brokers, fixers and dealers. This gang controls the flow of information and the manipulation of events. They are cunning, secretive, and always looking for ways to gain an advantage.

The Fixer Guild’s iconography relies on depictions of water, wings, and shape-shifting.

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