Non-player characters (NPCs)

Battle of Olympus will feature a wide range of NPCs that will enhance players’ gaming experience with challenges and advance the game’s storyline.

Gods of Olympus

The gods of Olympus are the final bosses as the player advances through the storyline. They are the most powerful enemies in the game.

Currently, there will be 6 main gods: Zeus, Hades, Metis, Athena, Ares and Artemis.


Zeus is the ancient Greek god of the sky and thunder and a protagonist in Battle of Olympus.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of the sky and thunder. Stories depicted him as a king, ruler of the gods, humanity, and all creation. He was also the father of several gods, including Ares, Artemis, and Athena, all characters in the game. Armed with his iconic thunderbolt, Zeus dominated the weather and was associated with justice, order, and fate, which is why royalty and nobles worshiped him. A hero of war and the fearless leader of the Olympians, Zeus conquered Olympus by defeating his father, Chronos and the Titans.

Lightning is Zeus’ prominent feature and his exclusive power in Battle of Olympus. He channels his fury and delivers devastating shocks with his special moves. He can zap his opponents, stunning them up close, but he can also throw lightning bolts from a distance. If you are playing as Zeus, wield the power of the thunderbolt to strike down those who stand in your path. If you happen to be the sky god’s foe, prepare yourself to dodge his deadly blows.

In Battle of Olympus, Zeus’ kit is versatile and flashy, making him fun to play but challenging to master. He is a well-rounded menace in the arena and charges his challengers relentlessly. Not letting him set the pace and grind you down with his powerful blows is the key to surviving Zeus.


Hades is the god of the dead and king of the underworld, and one of the protagonists of Battle of Olympus.

Hades is the eldest son of Cronus and the last to be freed by Zeus. The three brothers, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, defeated the Titans. Hades was appointed to rule over the underworld to ensure that none of the departed souls left his domain. His name means “the unseen one,” and the Greeks used various epithets to address him out of fear of pronouncing his name. Some even called him Zeus of the underworld. He is often described as fair yet cold and stern, ruling over all his subjects as equals, allowing no one to leave, but protecting them from desecration.

In Battle of Olympus, Hades’ domain is death, and he goes about his business in a cold, calculated manner. He uses toxins to overcome his opponents. Even attempting to approach him can prove deadly. Hades is a brutal and silent fighter who doesn’t play around and makes short work of his challengers. His fighting style mostly leans on taekwondo and boxing. His special moves reflect all this, so keep that in mind when attempting to take him down.


Metis is the nymph-goddess of wisdom and a major character in Battle of Olympus.

Metis was a nymph, the daughter of Titans, and Zeus’ first wife. Her divine domain was a combination of wisdom and cunning, and she was known as a trickster deity. Some Greeks believed she could even shape-shift. In addition, she helped Zeus free the Olympians and defeat Cronus.

A prophecy stated that Metis would bear extremely powerful children; the first was a daughter who would be wiser than her mother, and the second was a son more powerful than his father, who would overthrow the god of Thunder. Although he could not avoid Metis’ first pregnancy, Zeus swallowed her to imprison her and prevent the second pregnancy. When their daughter Athena was born, she stepped up to fill her mother’s vacant domain.

Metis is a fast fighter whose combos rely on magic. Her fighting style uses elements of tai chi, kicks, and some spinning attacks from taekwondo. Her special moves will reflect her character in mythology, so expect her to transform and send mighty flocks of birds after you from a distance. To defeat her, you must demonstrate patience and the ability to adapt as you learn to avoid all her tricks.

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