In this section, you will have an overview of the two types of gameplay in Battle of Olympus: player versus environment (PVE) and player versus player (PVP).

Play the Battle of Olympus demo to get an early understanding of what the gameplay will entail.

Player versus environment (PVE)

The goal of the PvE gameplay in Battle of Olympus is to conduct missions and accumulate points and rewards.

By completing missions, players can gain a personal score that counts towards the seasonal awards and progress towards the District Score. As they advance towards the District Score, they can:

  • Unlock more challenging missions with better drops.

  • Progress through the District towards the boss fight with one of Olympus’s gods.

  • Collect weapons and armor (to improve their characters for PVP battles), and earn in-game currency.

  • The ultimate goal is to reach the boss fight and accumulate game objects and currencies to fulfill the narrative goal of Ascension and gear up for PvP.

In addition, once you complete a mission, you receive points as an individual and for your team for the total season count.

Player versus player (PVP)

In PVP, players use their accumulated weapons and armor to battle against other players. Wins in this mode give both the player and their team points toward the total season count.


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