How $GAMEFI investors benefit from $GODLY

$GODLY also has a relationship with $GAMEFI, the governance token of Revenant, Battle of Olympus’ parent company. $GAMEFI holders will benefit from the existence of $GODLY in many ways.

$GODLY-$GAMEFI liquidity pool

Liquidity pools are generally created with a game’s token and stablecoin, such as USDC, or a network token, such as ETH. However, in our case, we are implementing a revolutionary approach to benefit both $GODLY and $GAMEFI holders.

In addition to creating a liquidity pool with USDC, we will create it with $GODLY and $GAMEFI, which will prop up the value of our governance token and encourage players to hold both tokens.

This liquidity pool will only be available for Battle of Olympus when the Revenant token expands to the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Dividends and airdrops

As Battle of Olympus grows, a percentage of the generated game revenue will be set aside for dividends and airdrops for $GAMEFI holders, among other things.

Holding $GAMEFI represents a share of Revenant as a company, entitling holders to periodic dividends and adding another layer for investors to profit.

In addition, airdrops will be an essential part of the future to reward dedicated holders for supporting Revenant and Battle of Olympus.

Overall, the $GODLY tokenomics provide players with multiple, high-value ways to earn and use the game’s token, as well as incentivizing holding both $GODLY and the $GAMEFI governance token.

Further value for $GAMEFI holders

Once Revenant Marketplace, the home of all digital collectibles, is live, a percentage of secondary sales and trading will go directly back to the treasury. This will allow Revenant to continue expanding to build more blockchain games.

Furthermore, a percentage from wagered fights using $GODLY in Battle of Olympus will go toward treasury to help build marketing and development efforts for the game.

Lastly, another benefit of holding $GAMEFI will be access to future presales and game launches on Revenant Launchpad. The number of tokens investors hold will affect allocation sizes.

This is just the beginning of all the value we aim to bring both Revenant and Battle of Olympus players and investors.

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